Just another kid with the most common name in Japan, grows up and now gets up on stage as a teacher named Mr. Suzuki.

A kid who dreamed of communicating with the world has learned to speak/teach English,
A kid who was passionate about music has learned to play guitar,
A kid who idolized professional soccer players now performs freestyle soccer tricks,

Now, what can he do with those things he can do to make the world just a little bit brighter......?

The concept of Mr. Suzuki was born out of this desire to reach out more to those who need a little push to get things going. He will be wherever he is needed to teach/perform/speak, share his stories and experiences with you.

Mr. Suzuki has performed in Japan and abroad including, America, England, Iran, Singapore, Scotland, Thai, China, Germany, South Africa, and Russia and more over the past 10 years.

For more info, feel free to reach Mr. Suzuki at

鈴木先生・経歴リンク / Mr. Suzuki・Experience&Links

元 球舞-CUBE(サッカーエンターテイメント集団)2006-2016 / Former member of CUBE (Soccer entertainment group based in Japan) who has performed internationally, including "Manchester United Half-time show" as a Ninja.